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My name is David, I am from Alicante, a small city in the Mediterranean shores, in Spain. I want to share with you a story that happened a couple months ago and –even if it sounds arrogant- it changed my entire life.

Before, I was a very common guy. I was studying Criminology in the Alicante University, I used to drink beer with my friends at their homes and play video games daily. I don’t know, I looked just like an overall boy, pretty happy, actually.

The women have always been my problem. As much as, occasionally, went out with my friends to a night club –And lately, I like them less- or I had a lot of female friends, I did not get laid too often. That was burning me in the inside! I was a young man and I desperate needed some sex.

I am not a very handsome guy, I more like an overall. I do not have blue eyes or perfect abs –Something that apparently make women crazy-. But I have uglier friends than me and they always get laid when they go out.

I have always asked what makes a difference between them and me, and I am sure I found out: Self-esteem.

That is right, I didn’t love my self at all, I used to look in the mirror and think “With that face, you better stay home”.

One day, at the gym with one of my best friends, I told him about my self-esteem problems. Specially, I told him that the origin of these issues was the size of my penis, that shouldn’t be higher than 3 ½ inches erect. For God’s sake, just thinking about the reaction of a woman seeing my penis freaked me a lot.

My friend was understanding with me at the beginning, until I had courage and showed him what I got. His face told me everything I needed to know. He tried to make me feel better with comments like “Don’t worry”, “Is not really that small” and sort of things of the kind that I rather forget. The important thing is that I took the most important step in my life.


I felt so good when I admitted it to myself in high voice.

I started to search for information about the penis surgery, but I realized that it was awful. The post-surgery process was too painful and it wasn’t going to be able to grow more than 1 ½ inches.

I looked for different ways to grow my penis and I found the common pills that are sold in every porn web site. I decided to buy some pills and after several months, my penis was still being the same size. It was all a freaking scam and I was getting out of resources.

Just a month ago, I met XtraSize. You may have read something about them in a website. I wasn’t sure at the beginning, I had taken another pills and there were no results.

I started to read opinions in different forums and it really seemed to be a lot of happy people. There was a particular comment, of a guy, that reminded me myself and, I don’t know, that maybe encouraged me.

I bought the Start pack, because they recommend it for the beginners in this “pills’s thing”. The truth is, that I was surprised by the price. Even the shipping was too cheap. I had nothing to lose.

While the Xtrasize pills came home, I told a friend what I had done and he started to laugh.He told me: “Never tell anyone what I am going to tell you.”

I knew very well that my friend had a huge penis and every single girl was charmed by him, so I couldn’t wait to hear what his secret was. I knew that it wasn’t normal.

“There is a book”, he told me. “A book that can make your penis grow more than 4 inches if you do it right.”

In the first second I arrived home, I bought a copy on the internet (I didn’t found it illegal anywhere). I started to make the exercises, but I felt weird sited there, with my penis filled with oil and making those movements with my hands. But I had nothing to lose, so I made it.

Days later, the pills arrived and I started to take them as it said in the instructions book. I kept doing the exercises and the same time.

One moth, just one moth.

I passed from having 3 inches to more than 5 ½. That is not something that happens suddenly. You start feeling it from the first day. The penis is bigger and the erections are stronger.

I bought another Xtrasize pack, and I took it until I’ve got 6 inches I have now. At the same time, I was making the exercises every day.

I think that, these book’s success is the combination between both methods. By one side, the pills make the blood run better and the penis is more able to grow. By the other side, the exercises help the inner walls of the penis to get bigger and like that, have a larger size.

My life is the same now. I drink beers with my friends on weekends and I play a lot of video games. The difference is that now, I get laid every 2 days with whoever I want. I have no fear and I like myself as I am.

I will give you the easiest way (and cheapest) to buy XtraSize

I am not going to lie to you, because you are not fools. I am doing this for two reasons:

  1. I want to share my experience and help all of you, that are suffering what I struggled.
  2. I earn a little fee for every single product that you buy. (From 2 to 4 dollars). That fee is paid for the company with the affiliate program they have.

Thank you for reading me, I hope to read your comments. If you have any doubt, please, ask here.

Update: November 17- 2019.

The products are selling very well in my website. Now the Company decided to give the chance of offering you a discount in both products.

From now: if you buy both products, you will activate a special discount.

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      Yo e tratado de cómo cresca mi penis y nada a sido sasifactorio para mi. Yo si quisiera encontrar algo de verdad ay personas que dicen en YouTube que el penis no crees ya ya lo que dio dio que no ay que perder tiempo ni dinero

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